Key Personnel


Zoltan Kish, Ph.D., MCIC

Principal & Consultant

Dr. Zoltan Kish is the founder of Quasar ScienceTech in Canada. He is an innovative, results-oriented professional with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has over 25 years of diverse industrial and academic experience, including the publication of more than 70 scientific papers, patents, monographs, and a book titled “Complex Chalcogenides in the AI ‑ BIII - CVI Systems”. He has expertise in the fields of natural and applied sciences (e.g., chemistry, materials science, physics), clean technology,  renewable energy, Waste-to-Energy technologies (e.g. gasification, pyrolysis and steam reformation), novel advanced materials (e.g. semiconductors, metals, superconductors, ceramics, nanomaterials, glasses, films, catalysts, and single crystals), materials processes, product analysis, R&D, program development, and implementation of research results into desired applications.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, he has led complex research and development programs related to alternative energy, Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Gas and Gas-to-Liquids technologies, advanced materials with enhanced properties for many fields of applications, such as solar energy technology, ceramic engine components, ceramic cutting tool inserts, materials processing, and electronics. Using a multidisciplinary approach, he developed and managed complex research programs funded by the National Research Council of Canada, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Materials & Manufacturing Ontario in collaboration with leading Canadian Universities and Research Institutions, and a number of US research, engineering and engine manufacturing companies.

As the Director of R&D at two Canadian alternative energy companies, he had led the R&D and commercialization of unique waste conversion technologies and scrubbing/cleaning systems to effectively divert waste from landfill, reduce greenhouse gases, and produce clean energy products, and “green” chemicals.  He focused on research-development program advancements including steam reformation, gasification and pyrolysis technologies, syngas production, unique scrubbing and gas cleaning systems, process and mass & energy balances modeling, product gas and wastewater cleaning, catalyst development, syngas chemistry for production of higher value products including synthetic liquid fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, hydrogen, and electrical power generation.

At Quasar ScienceTech Dr. Kish provides science and technology consulting in the areas of clean technologies & energy, technical due diligence, materials science, chemistry, environmental science, climate change mitigation, circular economy, sustainability, engineering, innovation, and advanced materials applications, business direction and program developments, and commercialization of new technologies. He is also working as a consultant for Lee Enterprises Consulting in the USA.

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