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Quasar ScienceTech is a consulting company providing science and technology assessments and technical due diligence.

We offer business consulting services as multidisciplinary science and technology experts in the fields of Clean Technology & Energy, Waste Conversion technologies  (e.g., Gasification, Steam reformation, Pyrolysis), Materials Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Sustainability, and Advanced Materials Applications.

Quasar ScienceTech provides a critical understanding of the underlying science and technology, which is an essential factor for making informed and effective decisions.


We offer expertise in science & technology to Institutions

  • Investment
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Legal Profession
  • Education


Business Improvement

Many companies are not paying adequate attention to the underlying science and technology of the business. The scientific/technical basis is often neglected.  Investors (e.g., in CleanTech sectors) often make an investment decision based on shallow scientific claims, optimistic financial and psychological factors with the consequence that the basic science of the technology is not adequately evaluated. In addition to financial data and management of the company, the underlying scientific/technology base of the business should be considered. Science is supposed to be an essential pillar of a successful and sustainable business. For example, the success of waste conversion technology applications depend on the following main factors:


  • The underlying scientific/technical basis of the waste conversion
  • Implementation of effective cleaning/scrubbing system to remove contaminants, especially, tars
  • Adequate processing and mass & energy balance modeling
  • Financial data based on mass & energy balance 
  • Local waste availability
  • Waste feedstock adequate preparation
  • Waste energy conversion efficiency
  • Quantity and quality of the produced products
  • Applications of the product
  • Cost-effectiveness of the project


At Quasar ScienceTech, we can provide objective expert advice on complex scientific/technical issues of clean energy technology applications, waste conversion into clean energy and sustainable products, waste management, circular economy, and advanced materials.